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Knowledge and Attitudes of Post High School Jewish-American Orthodox Students in Israel- A Follow-Up

This article is a rejoinder to a previous research article that explored the attitudes and knowledge of Post High School American students in Israel.... Read more

Knowledge and Attitudes of Post High School Jewish-American Orthodox Students in Israel

This article describes an empirical research that was conducted among a random sample of yeshiva/seminary students, in order to determine the basic knowledge level of... Read more

MediaStudies: From Yeshiva Dropouts to Mainstream

This article describes a rehabilitative program called the MultiMedia Project (MMP) for Yeshiva Drop-Outs with drug, alcohol, self-mutilation and other emotional problems. To read... Read more

Toward Spiritual Education

Addressing the Problem of “Disconnection”: Creating a Learning Environment of Personal Relevance and Passion based on the Wisdom of the Kabbalah I) The Problem:... Read more

Revolutionary Challenge – Changing the Classroom Culture Through Informal Education

  This article originally appeared in Mifgashim. Part I What are the aims of our educational system? I want to suggest here that the... Read more

Sincerity and Authenticity in Teaching

This article first appeared in the¬†Torah U’Madda¬†Journal, Vol. 11 (2002-2003). The¬†Torah U-Madda¬†Journal is a publication of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), an... Read more

Psychological and Religious Change of Orthodox Jewish Boys During a Post-High School Year of Study in an Israeli Yeshiva

The following article is a dissertation that explored processes of change in parental relationships, religious levels and mental health that occurred in American Orthodox... Read more