Professional Development Resources Tag: Tefillah

Identifying Key Factors Influencing Adolescent Prayer Education in a Modern Orthodox School: Teacher, Student and Environmental Components

This study is for middle & high school educators and administrators who are interested in creating an enduring and meaningful tefilla experience for their... Read more

Educational Resources for Jewish Prayer/Tefilla

Tefilla Articles and Research Action Research Report on An Approach for Creating Meaningful Tefilla Experiences in Middle School by Eric Golombek Commitment vs. “Connecting”... Read more

Engaging Souls: Bringing Elementary Tefillah to Life

Ask a teacher to teach the same short story to children every day for eight or more years, and they will likely look at... Read more

On Kohanim and Uncommon Aliyyot

In this article from Tradition (, Joel B. Wolowelsky discusses interesting and rare Aliyyot, particularly in reference to the status of Kohanim. Introduction: Some... Read more

Helping Students Find Their Own Voice in Tefillah: A Conceptual Framework for Teachers

To read the article, click here.  Read more

Kavvana Sources

Kavvana: Directing the Heart in Jewish Prayer was published by Jason Aronson in the summer of 5757 (1997), 604 pages. Jason Aronson is now... Read more

The Shemonah Esrei Experience

A work compiled by Abe Katz that takes a look at the sources and structure of the Prayers in the Siddur.   Click here. Read more