Creating Mutually Beneficial Dialogue Between Different Groups of Educators

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Discussions | 1 comment

I  recall that in my early teaching years, as a high school teacher I yearned to be able to learn from a variety of pedagogical techniques from elementary and middle school teachers. At the same time, in conversations with some elementary and middle school teachers, I repeatedly heard them seeking high school teachers who could enrich and deepen their content. Since making Aliyah, part of my work has taken me to visit many schools, from elementary to high schools. Although there have been exceptions, it seems like the generalizations I experienced years ago are, for the most part, still valid.

And I wonder how we can create the kind of mutually beneficial dialogue between different groups of educators – those who have strong pedagogy and those who have deep and broad content knowledge – to create more meaningful, substantive, and pedagogically sound educational encounters for our students.


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Rabbi Perry Tirschwell
3 years ago

I fully agree with Zvi. This is why we’re running the YHShare Conference in June in Paramus, which will bring together limudei kodesh teachers from middle and high schools across the country. There’s so much to learn from our colleagues at the same and different levels. Check out and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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