Dealing with Anxiety and Depression in Yeshiva Day Schools

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Discussions | 0 comments

In both my professional and personal experiences, I have been seeing more cases of kids having their normative academic careers taking hits because they are suffering from anxiety and depression.

After decades in the field of education, I do feel that this is becoming a more pervasive problem, but I am not under the impression that mainstream yeshiva day schools have any way of helping students other than kindness and suggestions of outside resources for families.

I am also not aware of any non-mainstream yeshiva programs geared to students who have emotional issues but not educational ones.

Is anyone else also experiencing these frustrations? Is this a trend? Is the yeshiva day school system in the loop on this and prepared to deal with it or is this destined to be outsourced to secular boutique schools?


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