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Using Multiple Intelligences to Teach Megillat Esther – Megiallat Esther Lesson plan for the sixth grade. Written by Semadar Goldstein.

Chana’s Anguish and Triumph – An MI unit for grades 5-8 on Samuel I 1-2:11. Written by Semadar Goldstein.

Mivneh Machneh Yisrael – An MI unit for grades 6-8 on Bamidbar 1-2. Written by Semadar Goldstein.

Multiple Intelligences in a Jewish Setting: Logical-Mathematical – This document offers examples of how to integrate the logical-mathematical intelligence into Jewish Studies. Written by Deborah Gettes of the Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education.

Shmuel Bet Grand Finale: A Multiple Intelligences Project for Middle School Students – In this assessment project, students participate in a masquerade, design a mural, memorize a kinah, create a powerpoint, sculpt scenery models and complete a creative writing assignment. Written by Shiffy Landa.

MI Ideas for the Binding of Isaac – MI ideas on Bereshit 22:1-24. Written by Semadar Goldstein