A Memorial Prayer for “9/11”

by: Dr. Moshe Sokolow

As a member of Hatzoloh, I responded to the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. Given the notable Jewish dimension to this human tragedy, I was motivated to compose an Azkarah, a memorial poem, for all its victims and heroes. The following is a stanza-by-stanza synopsis.

  1. We invoke God as the universal Creator of all mankind, and as the particular God of Israel, Who protects His servants from evil.
  2. We ask Him to take account, with a vengeance, of all those who were killed as a result of the deliberate crashing of the hijacked planes by the terrorists.
  3. We beseech Him, in His infinite compassion, to recall the thousands in the two skyscrapers who were killed outright, suffocated, burned or jumped to their deaths.
  4. We further beseech Him, in His infinite grace, to take note of the heroes who climbed the twin towers to bring relief and succor to those who were trapped.
  5. Paraphrasing the Mishnah, we regard their selfless dedication in sustaining life even momentarily as though they had sustained the entire world.
  6. Finally, we beseech God, Whose name and essence is Peace, to bring the blessings of peace and tranquility to Israel and to all mankind.