Conduct Policy and Behavioral Standards

Jan 31, 2005

Association of Modern Orthodox Day Schools and Yeshiva High Schools
__________ is committed to providing a safe and appropriate environment for all students, staff and employees. Parents entrust their children to our school. All students are taught to respect and trust their rebbe, teacher, administrator and all school personnel (educational, clerical and custodial). The school strives to establish a safe environment for every child’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
This policy details a broad outline of proper faculty/student, student/student and faculty/faculty interaction and behavior. Because the school is an exemplar of role modeling in the community, these standards encompass conduct inside and outside the school during school hours, after-school activities or private interaction with students outside of school.
These guidelines place a special emphasis on unwanted touch and exerting any form of verbal, physical or inappropriate psychological influence or control on students. Any violation of these guidelines will not be tolerated. In keeping with its commitment to maintain a safe environment, the school will conduct a thorough investigation, report such violations when legally mandated to appropriate authorities and take necessary measures to counsel or remove individuals who violate these principles.
Any allegations of abuse, harassment or violation of behavioral standards should be reported promptly to: (specific standard policy guidelines to be developed and identified for each school which must include a person who bears primary responsibility for this area as well as an alternate person in the event that the report cannot be made to the primary person.)
To achieve these goals all __________________ staff are expected to adhere to the following
Conduct Policy and Behavioral Standards:
While the overwhelming majority of interactions between administration, staff and students fall well within the range of normal healthy relationships, certain behavior should be regarded as incompatible with goals and standards of ____________and therefore are always prohibited.
Teachers/staff may not be alone with a child/children in an area which potentially cannot be seen or observed by other faculty members or adults.Teachers/staff may not be in a locked classroom alone with a student.Doors equipped with windows to permit external viewing of the classroom must remain unobstructed at all times.Physical force may never be used other than to safeguard against immediate physical danger.There must never be unwelcome physical contact, such as patting, pinching, punching, pushing and physical assault or inappropriate touching.Teachers/staff must refrain from denigrating students publicly or privately or from attempts to control or manipulate students through psychological means.Teachers/staff may never forbid students to share any conversations or information with parents or administration, nor instruct students to “keep secrets” from their parents.Teachers/staff must refrain from sexual attention towards others in the form of remarks, jokes or innuendo about a person’s body or clothing including threats of such behavior.Teachers/staff shall not distribute or display demeaning, suggestive or pornographic material.There can be no indirect or explicit invitations to engage in inappropriate or suggestive activities which may or may not include a promise of reward for complying or a threat of reprisal for not complying.All ____________________ employees must review the summary of mandated reporting laws which has been submitted to them along with this Conduct Policy and Behavioral Standards.I acknowledge that I have read this document and the mandated reporting guidelines, that I understand them and agree to be bound by the provisions contained within it.
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