Kushner Mission Statement


Kushner Yeshiva High School – Yeshiva Tichonit Beit Yosef – prepares American Jewish adolescents with the tools necessary to face challenges posed by contemporary society. Fashioned upon the finest principles of Modern Orthodoxy, the school offers a program of Jewish and General Studies premised on academic excellence.
Through a sensitive and progressive educational program, Kushner Yeshiva High School promotes Ahavat Hashem – love of G-d, love of Judaism, love of life, Derekh Eretz and allegiance to Halacha– Jewish law. Beyond the needs of the mind, Yeshivat Beit Yosef attends to the needs of the heart, creating a school Avira – anatmosphere conducive for religious and emotional growth.
Western culture and American democratic values are embraced at Kushner Yeshiva High School as important vehicles in the formation of Adam Ha-shalem – the fully developed individual.The science of critical inquiry and the development of young people to think, act and analyze texts independently are hallmarks of a Kushner Yeshiva High School education. Provided with the mechanisms for independent decision-making, students are able to take pride in defending their beliefs. They develop a keen sense of justice and are taught to behave as responsible citizens in American society.
We stand committed to providing the necessary human and material resources required by a progressive education that sets excellence as its standard. Our program challenges each student appropriately, according to the level of his/her ability. Furthermore, each and every student who matriculates through Kushner Yeshiva High School will be well prepared for acceptance to the finest Jewish and secular institutions of higher learning. Kushner Yeshiva High School promotes an atmosphere which provides young women and men with equal opportunities in both Jewish and General Studies. We believe that this comprehensive program is essential for the education of American Jewish youth. A Kushner Yeshiva High School curriculum includes the following disciplines: Tannach; Oral Law – Mishna, Talmud, Codes, practical religious living; Modern Hebrew Literature and Language; Jewish History; Jewish Thought; Ethics; Mathematics; Science; English Literature and Language; Social Studies; Cultural and Fine Arts; Foreign Language; Physical Education; Computer Science. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in order to enrich their high school experience.
Yeshiva Tichonit Beit Yosef claims a special bond to The State of Israel and recognizes its formation and continued existence as a religiously positive development in Jewish and World history. The rebirth of modern Hebrew language is viewed as a significant expression of Israel ‘s nationhood and vitality. In an Ivrit b’Ivrit school, Kushner Yeshiva High School students are taught to become fluent in Hebrew. The Land of Israel – plays an important role in the religious and cultural lives of Jews. Our students are encouraged to support and visit the State, pursue their studies after High School at Israeli institutions and consider Aliya.
Our aim is to promote a life-long commitment to the Jewish people, nurturing a sense of kinship and unity with Jews throughout the world. Klal Yisrael – commitment to Jewish community – is a supreme value that is actualized through programs of Hesed and community service requirements.
To successfully educate a young person, the school sphere must encompass the entire family. Children grow with their families and families grow because of their children. Parental involvement is a critical component of the student ‘s high school experience. Kushner Yeshiva High School provides programming that touches the family in addition to the individual student.
Yeshiva Tichonit Beit Yosef students will appreciate and embrace the process of continuous life-long learning. Furthermore, as part of Kushner Yeshiva High School, they become connected to a much broader universe of individuals with this common value – motivating, encouraging and inspiring each other to accomplish great achievements.