Mission statement/ School philosophy – Columbus Torah Academy

May 20, 2007

The religious orientation of Columbus Torah Academy affirms that a Jewish child must be educated to understand that the belief in G-d is the moral imperative for human action. The philosophy of Columbus Torah Academy is founded in the belief that the Torah is G-d given; that rabbinic interpretation of the Torah and rabbinic laws are incumbent upon every Jew in every generation.
CTA provides a broad range of Judaic knowledge and experiences. The child participates in daily religious observances and studies Torah, Prophets, rabbinic interpretations, Mishnah, Talmud, Jewish history, and Hebrew literature. The study of Hebrew Language Arts is an integral part of the daily curriculum.
Grounded in these authentic sources and in rich and vibrant Jewish experiences, the individual student can incorporate his/her Jewish identity into the totality of his/her life. This education helps to secure his/her lifelong participation in Judaism and enables him/her to transmit these values to the next generation.
Through concrete activities, this traditional Jewish education directs children toward both a love of the Jewish people and their responsibilities to the larger Jewish community, locally, nationally and throughout the world. The students learn to view Israel as the religious, cultural, and historical homeland of the Jew and to share in the hopes and aspirations for the preservation and growth of the State.
The underlying philosophy of the school affirms that the democratic form of government provides its citizens freedom of thought, expression, and action, thus allowing individuals to achieve their maximum potential for growth. Columbus Torah Academy identifies each child ‘s role in the democratic process. To implement this objective, the school gives the student skills in all of the academic disciplines; to gather and assimilate information, exchange ideas, and communicate thoughts and values. These are the necessary tools to function freely and independently in a democratic society.
The school recognizes that a child, by his/her very existence, deserves the best that can be done in order to acquire knowledge. The dual program offered by CTA gives the child the opportunity to integrate and connect knowledge of the religious values and the world at large. The ultimate objective of the school is to make each child a lifelong learner and appreciate the joys of learning. Permeating the philosophy of the school is the recognition of individual differences.