Mission statement/ School philosophy – TABC

The following is the statement of philosophy of the Torah Academy of Bergen County: Predicated on Rambam ‘s dual formulation of the first commandment to believe that there is a G-d and to know that there is a G-d – Torah Academy strives to promote a sense of profound loyalty to the unique mesorah of Am Yisrael along with an appreciation of the wonder of the world He created. Our Judaic studies curriculum explores both Torah She-be`al Peh and Torah Shebikhtav, and seeks to encourage dedication to the study of Torah and the observance of the letter and spirit of Mitzvot. Our college preparatory studies include the sciences and humanities, designed to enable each student to explore the universe and gain insight into the human condition. The school recognizes the unique role of Medinat Yisrael in Jewish history and its centrality in Jewish life, and is committed to imbuing its students with that awareness. Torah Academy is uniquely situated to develop a keen sensitivity and concern for all humanity, particularly those in need of our assistance and understanding.