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Commitment and Recommitment to Tefilla

As an educator and a parent of teenagers, I am interested in hearing about practical suggestions for how to educate for commitment to the requirement to daven daily, while at the same time creating a feeling of freshness and inspiration in tefilla. The second half of...

Dealing with Anxiety and Depression in Yeshiva Day Schools

In both my professional and personal experiences, I have been seeing more cases of kids having their normative academic careers taking hits because they are suffering from anxiety and depression. After decades in the field of education, I do feel that this is becoming...

The Dress Code Struggle

A common struggle for day schools is adherence to a dress code or uniform.  These are some of the challenges as I see them: *We often use vague terms in our school handbooks to explain the logic using terms like "modesty" or "orthodox standards."  *Generally, the...

The sugya approach to aggadata

I have been thinking about the study of aggadata and was wondering if a sugya approach is methodologically sound. For the halachic parts of the gemara, it is a given to look at the various times a topic arises and compare and contrast.

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