Below is a collection of Rosh Hodesh lesson plans, activities, and articles created by The Lookstein Center staff or contributed to the site by Jewish educators.  

Rosh Hodesh Overview

Rosh Hodesh celebrates the beginning of the new Jewish calendar month, with the literal Hebrew translation meaning “head of the month.” The holiday is marked by the arrival of the new moon, celebrating some months with one day and some with two. There are special prayers and Torah readings reserved for Rosh Hodesh and while it is considered a minor holiday, it is a very joyous time in the Jewish calendar.  



Introduction to the Jewish Festivals – A text-based approach for teaching about Rosh Hodesh in a community day school excerpted from a middle school workbook used in Moriah College, Sydney, Australia. By Steve Bailey.
Kiddush Levana – Text and sources for the monthly commandment of Kiddush Levana. By Sefaria.
Rosh Hodesh Brochure – Based on Masechet Rosh Hashana and Hilchot Kiddush Hachodesh of the Rambam, this Hebrew brochure calls upon Jews who see the new moon to testify at the High Court in Jerusalem. Written by Shalom Berger and Tzvi Harris.
Edible Rosh Hodesh Moon Chart – An activity idea for learning about the moon’s monthly phases during snack time. By PJ Library.
Celebrating Rosh Hodesh: An Interactive Art Project – Instructions for hosting a virtual “Make Your Own Calendar” program in honor of the new month. By Moishe House.
Seder Moed Lesson Plan – This lesson takes students through the Mishnah about how Rosh Hodesh is determined. By Elana Soroka. 


Rosh Hodesh 101 – A concise explanation about how we calculate Rosh Hodesh and practices for celebrating. By My Jewish Learning.
Why Rosh Hodesh is Linked to Women – An article describing why Rosh Hodesh has long been considered a special holiday for women. By My Jewish Learning.
Starting and Growing a Rosh Hodesh Group – Over the past few decades, the celebration of Rosh Hodesh has intensified with the formation of Rosh Hodesh groups across the world. This is a guide for running a women’s Rosh Hodesh group. By Ruth Berger Goldston and Merle Feld for RitualWell.
The Jewish Month – A short article about the Jewish year’s combination of the solar and lunar calendars, the history of how a new month was declared, and how our current calendar was calculated. By The Jewish Magazine.


Haftorahman for Shabbat Rosh Chodesh – A short video explaining the Haftorah that is read on Shabbat Rosh Hodesh. By Reuben Ebrahimoff.
Rosh Chodesh Hangman – Hangman quiz about Rosh Hodesh. From Academy BJE, Sydney Australia. By Quia.
What is Rosh Hodesh? – A video explanation of the origins of Rosh Hodesh. By BimBam.
Rosh Hodesh B’nai Mitzvah Playlist – A collection of Rosh Hodesh prayer recordings. By Midway Jewish Center.
Setlist: Rosh Hodesh – A collection of lyrics to popular Rosh Hodesh songs.

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