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An Integrated Approach to Teaching Jewish and World History

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Below you will find Rhonda Leibowitz’s detailed curriculum for her 9th grade integrated World and Jewish History Course, as presented at the YUShare conference. We hope... Read more

The Balfour Declaration: Celebrating 100 years

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Most magnanimous gesture or the biggest error of judgment? This lesson celebrates 100 years of the Balfour Declaration, explaining what it is and why it... Read more

Webquest on the Prohibitions of Shabbat

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A web-enhanced lesson discussing what is forbidden to do on Shabbat and why. Click here. Read more

The Purchase of the Meorat HaMachpelah

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Avraham’s negotiations and his subsequent purchase of the Meorat HaMachpela, teach us about ancient culture and behavior. Read more

Creation and Shabbat, Part 2

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Students learn about the importance of Shabbat in Judaism by analyzing the literary structure of Bereshit 1-2:3. Even though the creation narrative is split... Read more

Midbar Trek

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In this Webquest, students learn about the desert in Tanakh, its role in biblical history and what it was like to live and wander... Read more

Parshat Shemot: Why Moshe?

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Through text study, students analyze why Moshe was chosen to lead the Jewish people. Read more