Classroom Resources

An Integrated Approach to Teaching Jewish and World History

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Below you will find Rhonda Leibowitz’s detailed curriculum for her 9th grade integrated World and Jewish History Course, as presented at the YUShare conference. We hope... Read more

The Basic Categories of Talmudic Thought

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This pamphlet offers a basic introduction to the study of Talmud, including: The basic categories of Talmudic thought The basic terms for discussing Talmud... Read more

Lentil Soup for Parashat Toldot (נזיד עדשים)

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Looking for a quick and easy lentil soup to prepare, in honor of the weekly reading? Bereshit chapter 25, verse 34: “And Jacob gave... Read more

The Balfour Declaration: Celebrating 100 years

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Most magnanimous gesture or the biggest error of judgment? This lesson celebrates 100 years of the Balfour Declaration, explaining what it is and why it... Read more

Interactive Classroom Lessons for Hallel/Psalms


Hallel is composed of a series of Mizmorei Tehillim that are recited during Tefillah on a regular basis – on Rosh Hodesh, Hanukka and... Read more

Webquest on the Prohibitions of Shabbat

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A web-enhanced lesson discussing what is forbidden to do on Shabbat and why. Click here. Read more

UK Resources

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The following powerpoint presentations were created by Johnny Solomon of Immanuel College in London, England to help prepare students for the GSCE examinations. The... Read more