Classroom Resources

The Basic Categories of Talmudic Thought

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This pamphlet offers a basic introduction to the study of Talmud, including: The basic categories of Talmudic thought The basic terms for discussing Talmud... Read more

Lentil Soup for Parashat Toldot (נזיד עדשים)

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Looking for a quick and easy lentil soup to prepare, in honor of the weekly reading? Bereshit chapter 25, verse 34: “And Jacob gave... Read more

Tisha B’Av Resources and Activities


These Tisha B’av pages include everything you need to know about Tisha B’av including background information for the educator, vocabulary, educational themes, sample activities, and a kinnot guide. To contribute... Read more

Interactive Classroom Lessons for Hallel/Psalms


Hallel is composed of a series of Mizmorei Tehillim that are recited during Tefillah on a regular basis – on Rosh Hodesh, Hanukka and... Read more

UK Resources

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The following powerpoint presentations were created by Johnny Solomon of Immanuel College in London, England to help prepare students for the GSCE examinations. The... Read more

Pesach Resources

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Below find a list of original Pesach lesson plans, project ideas and articles created by Lookstein Center staff or contributed to site by Jewish... Read more

Nechama Leibowitz Resources

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The focus of this site is the work of Nechama Leibowitz, one of the most influential teachers of Torah in the last generation. The... Read more