Classroom Category Resources: Bible

Parshat Shemot: Why Moshe?

Through text study, students analyze why Moshe was chosen to lead the Jewish people. Read more

Megillat Esther: Repairing Sha’ul’s Mistake

Students trace back Mordechai’s and Haman’s ancestry and see that the battle of Megillat Esther mirrors the battle fought by their ancestors. Students learn how to... Read more

The Journey of the Holy Ark

In this multiple intelligences unit, students review Samuel I, 4-7:2 by building a three-dimensional display of the ancient Israel and the Ark. Students then... Read more

Teaching Yehoshua, Part 3

This lesson focuses on the gathering of twelve stones from the Yarden and the building of the monument in Gilgal. Read more

Teaching Yehoshua, Part 2

This lesson compares free men to slaves and argues that Bnai Yisrael had to undergo a spiritual transformation before entering the Land of Israel.... Read more

Teaching Yehoshua, Part 1

Short activity used when teaching Yehoshua chapter 2 to elementary school children. Read more

Hineni! Shmuel’s First Prophecy

In this Multiple Intelligence lesson, students study the story of Shmuel’s first prophecy and then express the storyline in drama/creative writing/art. Read more