Outline of the LAVE (Life and Values Education) Programs

  • by: Nachum Amsel

Click here to see related source: https://files.lookstein.org/resource/jewish_videos.pdf
Many years ago, I developed a new methodology for internalizing and teaching Jewish values based on specific discussion techniques. In addition, I have developed a curriculum teaching these values (based on trigger videos) as well as close to 200 lessons for NCSY (called LAVE)
which are available for purchase. While each lesson plan does NOT include the methodology, it does include the synopsis of the particular video, the goals of the lesson, a step-by-step question and answer for the teacher, and sources in English and Hebrew.
I have given workshops all over the world on how to effectively use this methodology, and it is currently being successfully being used on six continents. I am available for consultation, to give workshops. Please contact me at namsel@netvison.net.il, or call between 3-6 PM Eastern time
(10 PM-1 AM Israel time) if you are interested in hearing more or implementing this program in your school.