Professional Development Resources: Student Engagement

Educating for Menschlichkeit, A Kohlbergian Model for Jewish Day Schools

  Introduction: Parents who are concerned about their child’s proficiency in college-preparatory curricula but also serious about his or her religious development in young... Read more

Jewish Education for Jewish Commitment

  Introduction: Professor Isadore Twersky, z”l, presented the “meta-goal” of Jewish education at a meeting of the Commission on Jewish Education in North America... Read more

Reconsidering Pedagogic Use of the Ramban Al Hatorah

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Teaching Iyov in a High School Setting

Abstract: As my months of teaching Sefer Iyov came to a close, I began to reflect on how happy I was that I had... Read more

Teaching Spirituality in Day Schools and Yeshiva High Schools

This article deals with the form that curriculum and instruction for spirituality may take. To read the article, click here. Read more

Kavvana Sources

Kavvana: Directing the Heart in Jewish Prayer was published by Jason Aronson in the summer of 5757 (1997), 604 pages. Jason Aronson is now... Read more

Ceremony for the Burial of the Shamot/G'niza

This is a g’niza/shamot ceremony I created for our school some time ago. Should you decide to go this route, feel free to use... Read more