Below is a collection of articles and lesson plans created by The Lookstein Center staff or contributed to the site by Jewish educators to aid in Holocaust history instruction.

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Creating Memory – This arts-based program is intended to help young people encounter the Holocaust in a personal, emotional way. Add your name and email to the form in order to receive a free copy of the booklet, which can be used for both in-person and virtual programs. Created by The Lookstein Center.
Ancient Egypt and Modern Germany: An Integrated Unit – This integrated Tanach and history unit allows high school students to examine Jewish identity, integration, and acculturation in a host society. By The Lookstein Center.
Best Practices in Holocaust Education: Guidelines and Standards – This article from Jewish Educational Leadership addresses best practices in teaching about the Holocaust and how to implement them.
Stories and Sages: New Directions in Holocaust Education – This article from Jewish Educational Leadership shares some examples and lesson techniques for Holocaust education.
Holocaust Education for a New Generation: Learning to Meaningfully Confront Our Past – This article from Jewish Educational Leadership discusses how each school with its own varying values can approach the Holocaust from a perspective of morality and meaning.
Holocaust Remembrance After the Survivors – This blog by Martin Herskovitz for The Lookstein Center details different ways to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive, even after many survivors have passed away.
Resilience in Holocaust Education – This article analyzes the role of resilience in teaching students about the Holocaust.
Why I Teach the Shoah in Fifth Grade – This article discusses the importance of teaching even young students about the Holocaust.
Issues in Holocaust Education – This article reviews some critical flaws in typical Holocaust education and how it can be improved.
Challenges of Commemoration – This article analyzes some common challenges in commemorating the Holocaust.
Testimony Video Guide – This guide from Echoes and Reflections includes video links and watch times, divided by topic and lesson.  
🔒 Lessons from the Holocaust – This article explores the lessons that we can take away from studying the Holocaust.
🔒 What Should Be the Focus of Holocaust Education? – This article analyzes what the focus should be when teaching about the Holocaust.


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