Classroom Resources

Haggadah Pesach (Unit 1)

Jewish holiday stamp of Rosh Hashana

This unit was designed to help students learn more about the Haggadah and how to actively participate in the Pesach Seder. Read more

The Torah’s View on Stemming Stem Cell Research

Israeli stamp of Worms mahzor

Addressing the issues that arise when assessing the propriety of stem cell research and the halakhic approach towards them. By Heshy Weiner Click here. Read more


Exploring the laws of medical emergencies on Shabbat, what comes first and what is allowed when facing a situation where it is required to... Read more

Gambling and Halakha

Israeli stamp of Worms mahzor

Web-enhanced lesson based on Sanhedrin 24b. Students learn about the social costs of gambling, study a Talmudic text and summarize what they have learned... Read more

The Journey of the Holy Ark

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

In this multiple intelligences unit, students review Samuel I, 4-7:2 by building a three-dimensional display of the ancient Israel and the Ark. Students then... Read more

Teaching Yehoshua, Part 3

Israeli stamp of Aleppo Codex

This lesson focuses on the gathering of twelve stones from the Yarden and the building of the monument in Gilgal. Read more

War, Peace and Judaism 4

Israeli stamp commemorating Memorial Day

Final lesson in a four-lesson unit. Students look at war and peace from the perspective of Biblical history and Jewish ethics by studying traditional... Read more