Professional Development Resources: Student Engagement

Creating a Tefilla Environment: Personal and Institutional Priorities

This article was originally published in Ten Da’at 5,2 (1991), pp. 39-40. Imagine that your son is taught to read the Cyrillic alphabet (although... Read more

“In the King’s Presence” Teaching for Tefillah: A Communal Responsibility

This article was originally published in Ten Da’at 12 (1999), pp. 60-70. Preface: There is no gainsaying that education towards proper comprehension and performance... Read more

Teaching Baiurei HaTefilla

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at, vol. 5, 2, 1991, pp. 37-38. Appears here with permission. Educators have always been faced with the... Read more

Teaching and Learning Hebrew -Steering Or Drifting?

Prof. Aryeh Wohl was the Educational Director of the Center for Educational Technology (CET-MATACH) in Israel for thirty years. He is the Senior Editor... Read more

Methodology and Method in the Teaching of Tannaitic Literature

This article originally appeared in Studies in Jewish Education 8 (2002), pp. 53-71. Appears here with permission. In an earlier study,1 I presented an... Read more

Transmitting Jewish Values to Young Children

This article originally appeared in Ten Da’at, vol. 2, 1, 1987, pp. 10-11. Appears here with permission. We have been charged with the mission... Read more

Emotional Problems of Yeshiva Students

EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS OF YESHIVA STUDENTS By: Larry R. Berkower This article originally appeared in Tradition Volume 14#4, 1974. Reprinted here with permission. INTRODUCTION Any discussion... Read more

Teaching from Within, Teaching from Without: The Problem of Unshared Assumptions in the High School Gemara Class

This article originally appeared in Tradition Volume 19 #4, 1981. Reprinted here with permission. If being Mayor of New York is the second toughest... Read more

Methodology of Teaching Tanakh

What does a teacher do after reaching the radical conclusion that one can’t just walk into class, read pasuk after pasuk, perush after perush,... Read more

Teaching Hebrew as a Second/Foreign Language

This time last year I sat at my desk thinking about what is wrong with the teaching of Hebrew as a second/foreign language. The... Read more
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