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The Jewish Earth Day

This article explores the moral and ethical obligation of the Jewish people, to protect the Earth. To read the article, click here. Read more

What a Beautiful Tree

Tu b’Shevat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees, is a good time for Torah learning about trees. I’d like to share with you... Read more
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Being a Web-Mensch: When Jewish Values and Technology Coincide and Collide

Do you fear that your students’ ethical sense disappears when they “log in?” The Internet offers infinite resources, but its use carries a responsibility... Read more
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Online Educational Tools and Games

Akhlah: The Jewish Children’s Learning Network Babaganewz – A Classroom Magazine for Grades 4-7 Babylon Computerized Translator At this website, you can download a... Read more
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Integrating Education in Jewish Day Schools: Toward a Jewish Great Books Program

To read the resource, click here. Read more
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A Model for Regular Group Midrash Study

Rabbi Professor Lewis Glinert provides a model for group study of Midrash, using Simi Peters’ “Learning to Read Midrash.” To read the full lesson, click... Read more
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Peshat and Derash: A New Intuitive and Analyitc Approach

This article explores contradictions and tensions between Peshat and Derash. To read the article, click here. Read more