Professional Development


Sefer Hatorah Hapatuach- The Open Scroll

Submitted on September 5, 2001

This is an ambitious Simchat Torah educational experience which we started in 5760 in Havurat Tel Aviv. We unroll the entire Sefer Torah and... Read more
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The Potential Effects of Educational Technology on the Jewish Learning Environment

Submitted on September 3, 2001

Aharon Frazer is a programmer at, a new online Torah learning environment, and a website builder for sites dealing with Jewish education. He is studying... Read more
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Senior Class D’var Torah Project

Submitted on August 9, 2001

The following is an outline of the Beth Tfiloh (Baltimore, Maryland) Senior Class D’var Torah Project, 1998-1999. Each student in the senior class is... Read more
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Educational Web Resources

Submitted on August 8, 2001

Below is an annotated list of web resources for educators that are useful for building and designing WebQuests. If you know of any other... Read more
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Teaching Values in a Community High School

Submitted on July 30, 2001

Introduction Background Literature Lesson 1 Worksheet 1 Lesson 2 Worksheet 2 Lesson 3 Worksheet 3 Lesson 4 Worksheet 4 Lesson 5 General Bibliography INTRODUCTION... Read more
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On the Teaching of Talmud: Toward a Methodological Basis for a Curriculum in Oral-Tradition Studies

Submitted on June 12, 2001

From Religious Education 92:1 (1997), pp. 61-76. Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Study of Manuscripts, Printings and Commentaries Tannaitic Sources Amoraic Literature Amoraic and Post-Amoraic Material... Read more
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The Unique Kedushah of Yerushala’yim

Submitted on May 17, 2001

The Unique Kedushah of Yerushala’yim By: David Derovan Jerusalem, 5761   NOTE: The sources for this article were culled from a Hebrew article by... Read more
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Suggestions for connecting students to Israel

Submitted on March 20, 2001

1. “Live Broadcast”: Have a (live) phone conversation between someone who lives in Yesha (Judea and Samaria/Yehuda V’shomron) and a group of students. This... Read more

The Jewish Academy of Metropolitan Detroit 2000-2001 Hebrew Language Curriculum

Submitted on March 18, 2001

Hebrew Rama Alef – Elementary Modern Hebrew Level 1 Hebrew Rama Alef is aimed at students who are new to Jewish day school education... Read more
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Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Study Units

Submitted on March 3, 2001

1. CHANGE — (Physical, emotional, intellectual, social, etc.) A. Students are to bring in pictures of a parent at different stages of life, from... Read more
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