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Israel Online

Israel Online is an annotated collection of educational resources about Israel divided into categories. These categories were chosen because of their practical value for... Read more
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Educational Resources for Jewish Prayer/Tefilla

Tefilla Articles and Research Action Research Report on An Approach for Creating Meaningful Tefilla Experiences in Middle School by Eric Golombek Commitment vs. “Connecting”... Read more

Jewish Texts for Teaching about Social Action

Judaism posits that we have personal and communal responsibility to help others, especially during times of disaster and tragedy.   Visiting the Sick Acts... Read more
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Mock Election for High Schools

Background The Israeli Knesset has 120 seats. Israelis do not vote for a specific candidate but for a party list. The system is one... Read more

Jewish Virtual Learning Networks

Introduction: Online learning groups and “Communities of Practice” represent a rapidly growing phenomenon, and the Jewish world is successfully taking part in the professional... Read more
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Engaging Souls: Bringing Elementary Tefillah to Life

Ask a teacher to teach the same short story to children every day for eight or more years, and they will likely look at... Read more
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Emunat Hakhamim: Faith in the Sages

EMUNAT HAKHAMIM Faith in the Sages By: Simha Friedman This article originally appeared in Tradition 27,4 1993. Appears here with permission. The subject of... Read more