Professional Development

Tisha B’av Resources

Submitted on July 1, 2019

  Tisha B’Av Resources and Activities: The Lookstein Center’s Tisha B’av pages include everything you need to know about Tisha B’av including background information... Read more

Havah naGiLah

Submitted on June 16, 2019

“ZyGLots” (like GL in the Table below) reveal exciting new relationships across many languages, making Hebrew more interesting & fun to learn. See languagebazaar.com... Read more

Shavuot Resources

Submitted on June 3, 2019

Lesson Plans: Shavuot: The Shnei Luchot HaBrit – The Torah teaches us that the Ten Commandments were on two tablets (LuchotHaBrit). The Midrash offers... Read more

Lag B'Omer Resources

Submitted on May 6, 2019

Lesson Plans What Day is It – Creative Ways to Remember the Day of the Omer – The Counting of the Omer takes place... Read more

Purim Resources

Submitted on February 1, 2019

This Purim page includes everything you need to know about Purim. Keep scrolling for background information, Purim vocabulary, educational themes, activities, lesson plans, plays,... Read more


Submitted on January 6, 2019

ABSTRACT The Final Journey: How Judaism Dignifies the Passage” is a trailblazing curriculum to teach Jewish death rituals to high school seniors. For the... Read more

Formulating a Curriculum Framework for Bible Study

Submitted on December 26, 2018

Formulating a Curriculum Framework for Bible Study: Creating Course Objectives for Bible Curriculum in Jewish Schools Bible teachers worldwide lack a shared language with... Read more